Jobsite safety is everyone's business.  When we first decided to include a series on using ChatGPT for safety management, we envisioned that the articles would appeal to, and be directed to, safety professionals.  In retrospect, we were a bit narrow-minded in our thinking. Jobsite safety is indeed everyone's business, and today's Jobsite Safety article helps illustrate the point.

While 80 percent of safety incidents may be worker-initiated, the other 20 percent can be addressed by project managers, supervisors and contract administrators by being aware of site conditions.  This includes attention to equipment placement and capacities, use of non flammable materials, secure storage of flammable and hazardous materials, environmental conditions and more.  These factors should be included in the planning process as well as daily and weekly reviews.  

We encourage everyone to read the safety articles to improve their knowledge and understanding of jobsite safety issues. Additionally, Mr. Dunham's articles are full of very useful ChatGPT tips and information on AI tools that many of you will find useful for many purposes beyond safety.