Welcome to Issue 8 of Construction Industry. In this issue, we report industry experts' thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) from recent webinars, then turn to practical uses you can put AI to today. That includes the first in Kristijan Vilibec’s new eBook series on employing AI in Risk Management, beginning with preconstruction. 

Meanwhile, David Dunham offers another practical example of harnessing a large language model (LLM) like ChatGPT to support better incident investigations. He provides an example of incident reporter bias and shows how AI can help you overcome unrecognized personal bias for fuller analysis and corrective actions. AI helps identify overlooked factors and provides comprehensive remedial measures. 

We are in AI's early days, yet it already offers AEC practical uses. These carry the caveat that your expertise is essential. You must carefully review the output from LLMs like ChatGPT. Whether in incident reports and recommendations or preconstruction risk analysis, the final word and responsibility are yours. But AI can handle the "drudge" research work for you like a brilliant assistant. Unlike that intelligent assistant, it can do it in seconds, not days. It is certainly worth a try. 

So, have you tried? Contact us to let us know how AI is (or isn't) working for you.