Welcome to Issue 11 of AI Construction News. In this issue, while some large firms grapple with the challenge of AI, they’re not waiting to invest and are even using some of its applications. At Barton Malow, AI is already making a difference in day-to-day operations. Likewise, Clayco. PLC Construction says it is “moving forward cautiously.”

However, according to a PWC study, construction and a few other industries lag others in artificial intelligence (AI) adoption rates. And that could cost it. Among many things, the study says AI could help the construction industry address one of its most nagging challenges: labor shortages.

While that’s going on, AI Construction News continues to bring you practical applications of the marvel of generative AI. In this issue we broach talking with AI as a new powerful way to leverage it. And David Dunham offers a review of the latest OpenAI release, ChatGPT-4o. Find out what it’s got that GPT-4 doesn’t, and what the “o” is about! (Includes a link to OpenAI’s “Spring Update” video.) And see the latest relevant news headlines about generative AI and construction. 



“Someday, we’re going to look back and wonder how we ever got by without AI.” – Derek Haoyang Li