No shortcuts for Generative AI Upskilling

A new study conducted with Boston Consulting Group found that while junior professionals may be more engaged in real-time experimentation with new technologies, companies should not rely on them as the source of technical expertise or training for senior professionals. A broader orientation borne of experience and higher-level management is necessary. “Because generative AI platforms pull in extensive data and other information from a broad ecosystem of actors, interventions to address generative AI risks can’t be limited to lower-tier, project-based inputs. It’s not the whole picture,” said Hila Lifshitz, professor at Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom. Business Insider    

ChatGPT-4o Is Free—Is ChatGPT-Plus Worth the Subscription?

The newest model from OpenAI is available to users for free. It’s a great time to jump in and start trying out generative AI. But if you an OpenAI subscriber, there are reasons to continue with your subscription. You get access to more prompts per hour as well as to the newest features, which seem to be introduced regularly. WIRED  

AGC and Partner to Transform Business Development for General Contractors with AI

The Austin Chapter of the Associated General Contractors (Austin AGC) and, a leading construction technology provider, today announced a groundbreaking partnership designed to empower contractors with AI-aggregated knowledge, dramatically reducing weeks of project pursuit research into mere minutes. Construction Dive

AI's Role in Heavy Equipment Preventive Maintenance

AI can be trained to analyze and detect video imagery that would indicate a fault or safety hazard.
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Behind the Curtain: AI's ominous scarcity crisis

According to a report in Axios, top AI executives say they’re racing to overcome shortages in electricity, computing power, chips, data and engineering talent in order to continue improving and deploying their world-changing technology. Apparently it takes “an insane amount” of data, then awesome human programming intelligence to create human-like AI. But that's just for starters. It then takes another “insane amount” of computing power to bring the data and work into existence, and tremendous amount of actual electric energy to make it all happen. And, says the report, “We're short on all of it.” Axios 

Generative AI Doesn’t Always Play Well with Others

AI is often difficult to integrate with existing enterprise system and leaves open doors to security and privacy concerns, according to a SolarWinds IT Trends Report. Computer World

Apple Introduces ‘Apple Intelligence,’ New OpenAI Partnership 

Apple said on June 10th that it “plans to bring a more personalized version of artificial intelligence to its 2.2 billion device users—including striking a deal with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI. At the announcement of “Apple Intelligence,” CEO Tim Cook offered “a preview to what many consider to be the holy grail of AI, a voice assistant empowered with enough personal user information to meaningfully help complete an array of tasks. Apple has partnered with OpenAI, and its ChatGPT, for some new AI functions.” WSJ