AI tools for construction are emerging rapidly. As AEC organizations look at how AI may best benefit them, software providers are integrating AI into their applications, like construction ERP provider BST Global and Microsoft integrating it into Word and Excel. 

Leaders grapple with the best applications of AI for their organizations. As various news stories reveal, they also recognize the critical necessity of good, clean data to really optimize AI output. AI can simplify and expedite many manual and labor-intensive tasks. It also has the potential to support efficient and better-informed decision making.

Panelists at the recent AI Excellence in Construction conference are enthusiastic but not in a hurry. They’re “doing homework,” building and cleaning databases, and avoiding the temptation of hodgepodge application of AI, wanting instead to “bring in AI smartly.”

Meanwhile, ChatGPT and MS Word have gotten together to facilitate use of ChatGPT in creating documents. Join our intrepid safety expert David Dunham as he introduces us to the AI-enabled Microsoft Word Add-in, which integrates ChatGPT's API into MS Word.



LLMs only possess statistical knowledge about word patterns, not true comprehension of ideas, facts, or emotions. Their fluency can create an illusion of human-like understanding, but rigorous testing reveals brittleness. Just because a LLM can generate coherent text about medicine or law doesn’t mean it grasps those professional domains. It does not. Responsible evaluation is essential to avoid overestimating capabilities.” – I. Almeida (source: