Open-Source Companies Go after OpenAI’s Dominance with Free AI

“As the market for artificial intelligence models consolidates around Microsoft, OpenAI and a handful of other proprietary systems and players, some companies are aiming to compete by offering their AI models free.” The most well-funded include Mistral AI, Hugging Face, Runway ML, Together AI, Writer, Cerebras and Databricks. Wall Street Journal

AEC ERP Provider Integrates AI, Wins Recognition

Growth advisory firm Frost & Sullivan has recognized BST Global, a leading ERP provider for the architecture, engineering, and consulting (AEC) industry, with the 2024 Global Company of the Year Award. "BST Global stands out as a firm that identifies, anticipates and meets the unique needs of the AEC industry. … BST Global's suite of software and services ushers AEC firms into the digital era by introducing them to artificial intelligence, data-driven insights and collaboration tools," said Lynda Stadtmueller, Senior Vice President of Research at Frost & Sullivan. Yahoo Finance

What Kind of Tool Can Artificial Intelligence Become for AEC teams?

Where does artificial intelligence fit into AEC operations? Avoiding hype and gathering good data are significant aspects in making artificial intelligence useful for performing design, operational, and jobsite tasks. A common introduction to AI for AEC firms has been to use AI to mitigate risk. There are more valuable uses ahead. Building Design + Construction 

9 Steps to Implement Digital Transformation in Your Business

Here are nine steps that provide a roadmap to guide you and your firm through the initial stages of digital transformation. Building Design + Construction

New Smart Reality Capture with AI

LooqAI, a startup that bills itself as a ‘one-stop solution’ for surveyors, engineers, contractors, and asset owners to capture infrastructure, in minutes, with ‘survey-grade accuracy’ combines a proprietary ‘Q’ camera with ‘survey-grade’ GPS and an AI processor. Together they create a high precision, sub-centimeter and geo-referenced intelligent 3D ‘digital twin’, along with orthographic maps and AI semantic information. Looq’s initial focus is on the utility sector, but there are also plans to expand into other industries. AEC Magazine

3D Printed Builder Adds AI Architect

Concrete-3D-Printing homebuilder Icon is developing an AI program to design homes. Named Vitruvius, the initiative includes a chatbot that interviews prospective homeowners about their design dreams, the provides several house design options to choose from. By the end of the year, Vitruvius is expected to produce construction documents, permit applications, budgets, bills of materials and a building schedule.  Bloomberg