Guide to ChatGPT for Design and Construction

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This Guide introduces the uses of ChatGPT for construction tasks to both beginners and experienced users alike.  With 24 use cases, it shows the various ways ChatGPT can be utilized by everyone in the construction process - from project conception and design to actual construction and close-out.  Whether you're an architect, engineer, contractor, construction manager; or developer, public agency or private owner; the Guide will, by way of actual examples, provide ideas and prompts to put you on the path to productive use of ChatGPT immediately.

For beginners, the Guide introduces you to ChatGPT (and Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing) with 4 step-by-step instructions to get started. For beginners and experienced users alike, the Guide presents easy-to-understand use cases organized by the major phases of a project lifecycle:

  • Project Design and Development
  • Bidding and Procurement
  • Project Management, Construction Management and Contract Administration

Included are use cases such as communications (letters and emails), forms (daily reports, change orders), processes (compare estimates, write a schedule narrative, look up building permit requirements) and project activities (safety management, toolbox meetings, weekly coordination).  In addition, the Guide includes another dozen use cases to showcase areas that are functional across all design and construction businesses, including:

  • Personal Productivity and Communication
  • Operations and Training
  • Business Development and Marketing

The Table of Contents is shown below.  Readers of the Guide have already exclaimed how it provided ideas they never would have thought of, and were surprised to see the range of applications where it provided real value.  Try the Guide for yourself.  We'll refund your payment if you're not satisfied.  Order today.  

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The Guide to ChatGPT for Design and Construction

Table of Contents


  • ChatGPT Overview 
  • Using ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT in Construction Project Applications 
  • How to Use This Guide 

Personal Productivity and Communication 

  • Simple Writing Tasks – Draft an Email, Job Description, Outline or Form 
  • Draft an Email or Letter 
  • Write a Job Description 
  • Create an Outline for a Monthly Progress Report 
  • Create a Form 

Project Design and Development 

  • Project Conception Report 
  • Write a Contract 
  • Find Information for a Building Permit 

Bidding and Procurement 

  • Compare Two Estimates 
  • Locate Vendors 
  • Supplier/Vendor Evaluation Table 

Project Management and Contract Administration 

  • Documents, Forms and Records 
  • Ten Most Important Forms on a Construction Project 
  • RFI Form 
  • HTML Change Order Log 
  • Resource-Loaded Critical Path Schedule 
  • Jobsite Safety – Safety Management and Improvement 
  • Jobsite Safety – Toolbox Meetings 

Operations and Training 

  • How to Create a Schedule For Use in a CPM Project Scheduling Application 
  • Instructions For Importing Activity Lists Into Primavera P6 
  • How to Read a Job Cost Report 
  • Introduction to the Work of a Soils Survey Crew 
  • How to Create a Building Information Model 
  • Write a Project Manual 
  • How and why to write a Project Manual 

Business Development and Marketing 

  • Business Development Plans for Converting Office Buildings to Residential 
  • An Architect’s Business Development Plan for Getting Work on Office Conversions 
  • Communicating Technical Expertise 
  • Create a Proposal to Design the Lobby and Retail Spaces in a 20-story Building 

Summary and Conclusion 

  • Recap 
  • Going Beyond Interactive Use of ChatGPT 
  • Conclusion: ChatGPT’s Future 


  • Appendix 1 - Definitions for ChatGPT Use 
  • Appendix 2. Project Design and Development Explanations 
  • Appendix 3. Bidding and Procurement Explanations 
  • Appendix 4. 102 Useful Records to Keep on a Construction Project 
  • Appendix 5. Construction AI and AI Construction News