This article introduces a new feature of AI Construction News. As promised, one of our objectives is to save you time on research and following social media to keep up with what’s going on in the industry.  Here’s what’s occurred since we launched.

    June 17.  Can artificial intelligence be trusted to draft a construction contract? - Published by DJC Oregon.  This opinion piece by a local attorney reviews what ChatGPT might provide in the way of a construction contract, why a generated contract would always need review and customization, and where it might be lacking in data, such as state-specific requirements.  And of course, ChatGPT can't negotiate the draft contract with the other party(s).  

    June 21. ChatGPT technology to help UAE, KSA construction industry grow - Published by CIO News. Article discusses opinions on construction growth by middle east decision-makers.  Discusses investments in technology and notes ChatGPT will have a significant impact on all industries.  No other mention of ChatGPT.

    June 29. URA says building a 25-metre swimming pool a “minor work” but ChatGPT says it’s a major undertaking - Published by Online Citizen Asia (TOC) in Taiwan. In an article about a dispute over the value of some rental properties and an opinion that the swimming pool needed "minor repairs," the correspondent consulted ChatGPT to learn what's involved in building a swimming pool.  Quite a lot, actually.

    July 4.  Could Your Next Office Building Be Designed by Artificial Intelligence? This Firm Tries to Find Out - Published by CoStar News.  Tracks the experiment by Washington, D.C.-based architecture firm Hickok Cole to design a 24-story mixed-use building using ChatGPT and Midjourney.  Informative article that discusses the challenges and precautions necessary for AI's use.  

    July 9.  ChatGPT in Industrial Applications - Published by DataDrivenInvestor.  This article discusses optimization of construction "... by providing insights and recommendations on planning, design, material selection, project management, safety, compliance and sustainability."  The article then expands on each of these topics with generic information, which suspiciously reads like something that may have been produced by ChatGPT itself.