Startup Unveils AI Platform to Keep Construction Projects on Track

Construction tech startup Buildots has unveiled a new AI tool designed to predict potential risks that could delay a project and alerts managers to pacing issues before they escalate. 
The Tel Aviv and London-based startup says its Delay Forecast platform also provides in-depth insights into the causes for delays, boosting efficiency and decision-making processes. The Delay Forecast feature has already undergone beta testing on various international construction sites.  nocamels / World Construction Network

The AI Revolution Means Construction

AI models’ speedy outputs on your laptop seem to come out of the ether, but in fact there are enormous amounts of infrastructure behind them. And as AI usage continues to expand, so do data centers and power infrastructure. Whatever else AI means for the construction industry, right now it means many massive construction projects. 
Fortune via MSN

Microsoft’s AI Buildout Has a Climate Problem

Microsoft divulged that its 2023 emissions were 29 percent higher than 2020 levels. The cause was data center construction and the “associated embodied carbon” of the building materials and hardware involved. The tech giant reports that it is increasing its sustainable construction efforts. The revelation is a concrete example of the realization of the collision between the pursuit of AI and efforts to control and reduce carbon emissions. MSN 

Census Bureau: Companies Using AI Have Nearly Doubled—to 5.4 Percent 

Do you wonder how many companies are really using AI? The percentage of businesses in the U.S. using AI is still relatively small, but is growing rapidly, having doubled in the last year. Unsurprisingly, IT firms lead the way, according to a survey by the Census Bureau. 
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Thirty-percent of Young Canadians Use AI

Despite concern about AI and personal job prospects, a new poll finds that 30 percent of Canadians are utilizing AI tools. That’s up from 25 percent last year. However, two-thirds of Canadians consider the prospect of AI in their lives to be “scary.”  National Observer

Constructing Tomorrow: Leveraging AI In The Building Industry

The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and architecture represents a compelling frontier where cutting-edge technology meets creative design. This merger holds the potential to revolutionize various aspects of architectural practice, from design and planning to construction and sustainability.  The merging of AI and the building industry is inevitable, so we better get on the bus before we miss it. Forbes