Not There Yet: Lots of Pilots, Little Advance to Production

Many organizations invested in gen AI in 2023, looking for how they might best put the technology to use. They initiated pilot programs to test use cases. Everest Group CEO Peter Bendor-Samuel says approximately 90% of those pilot programs will not move into production soon, and some may never go into production, based on ongoing discussions with a panel of 50 CIOs. – Forbes, January 8, 2024

Amazon Jumps In on GenAI for Security

Meanwhile, Amazon's Chief Security Officer Stephen Schmidt says the company's cyber teams use generative AI to increase productivity. Security teams use generative AI built in-house and with security restrictions to boost productivity. Corporate data and security engineer prompts must be secured. They cannot be used as material for training the basic model owned by an outside party. – Wall Street Journal, January 8, 2024

Deloitte Employs In-House Generative AI

Thousands of Deloitte staff are using generative AI to support daily work tasks. Employees use "PairD" to assist in everything from code writing to content drafting and research. The company expects 100,000 employees to use PairD in the next six months. --CIO Dive, January 8, 2024

Bentley Systems Developing Generative AI-Powered Tools

Bentley Systems, the maker of construction-industry software, is developing generative AI-powered tools for making drawings such as site plans and enabling better climate resiliency for infrastructure designs. – Wall Street Journal, December 29, 2023

AI Won’t Replace You but Someone Using AI Might

Artificial intelligence is not the disruptor of construction processes many predict, but it is an enabler of better practices. And while artificial general intelligence (AGI) is still years off, artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) is here. In the foreseeable future we will have massive productivity and safety gains. Focus on learning and adopting these AI tools. Engineering News-Record, December 14, 2023